We moved into a ghetto house that needed lots of love. When we moved in my parents made it a point to clean the windows. I initially thought that that was dumb and a waste of time. I now see the wisdom in it. With clean windows your home feels better. They did the best they could and I appreciate what they did. A year later we called and had them clean them again. They did a great job. However, the old windows had to go. They rattled during storms and we felt a breeze in the winter.

We started with the bathroom window. I learned a valuable lesson on sizes. I learned that if you the window is big it will take 2 to 3 times longer to install than if it is a little smaller than the opening you are going to put it in. We have 4 different window sizes in our home and the 5 windows are all the same in the bedrooms. I measured that one very carefully. I measured a little small. I was so delighted that the removal and install by myself was under 2 hours for the second window.


  1. remove
  2. Clean
  3. place
  4. plumb and shim
  5. nail
  6. caulk
  7. insulate
  8. caulk

Flooring part 2

So we drop off the wood floor to let it acclimatize to the home. At this point we are so excited to finally get a home of our own. We go to settlement and sign the book of papers till our faces turn blue.

The next day we get a call and the loan officer says that the home did not pass the appraisal inspection and that the carpet now needs to be replaced. I was like you have got to be kidding me. We cleaned the carpet twice! If he would have opened his eyes he would have seen that we had 900 square feet of hardwood in the closet. If the fool would have just said replace the carpet in the first place we would have had free carpet paid by the seller. Now we had to buy it ourselves and now he says no. . . . . . I was so mad. I tried to explain to the best of my ability and remain calm what the situation was and why I was so upset. The loan officer said he would talk to the appraiser again and will let me know if he needs anything.

We hear nothing for the rest of the day and the next day we get a call the we are now home owners!!!! Yeah! Okay now the real fun begins.

We pull up the carpet in the three upstairs bedrooms the main living room and the kitchen and tile in the entry way. The tile in the entry way was a pain. I was so stuck to the floor boards that when we pulled/ scrapped them up the floor boards came up with them so we had to buy a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood and replace the damaged sub floor.  The carpet was so gross. It was not the worst part the floor was caked with dirt. we had a scrapper and the more we scrapped the more dirt would peel off. We cleaned and scrapped as much as we could.

We removed a wall in between the kitchen and living room to give us one big room. We removed all the old cabinets  and left nothing but drywall. We also opened up the stairs so they were no longer enclosed.

We were also told that if we wanted to remove a squeaky floor we needed to add more screws to the sub-floor so it would not move when we walked on it. So we tired this we would walk around and add a screw to anyplace that squeaked. However, some places just wanted to squeak. it was so frustrating. We did our best however our floor still squeaks. ;(  I don’t notice it all the time.

Next we had to decide on what direction we wanted the floor. We decided on a 45 degree angle. The advantage to this is that it is easier to start. the Disadvantage is that It does take more time to finish. We love how it turned out. It did extend our timeline out a few days. We also know that we wanted to have an island in the kitchen. We could not decide on where. When it came down to flooring around it. We were still undecided. So we left it floating. In other words our island moves. We put it on felt pads and have not looked back. We generally like it in the same general position. I tired to have it diagonal to the rest of the kitchen but the wife did not like that. I might try it again.

We have not had a problem with it tipping over, we have had it like this for 4 year. Our kids are still small. We do make sure we never stand on the counter to change the light or something along those lines.

We have transition pieces to go into the different rooms and the stairs. The regrets that I have are that we did not buy the best hardwood floor and it scratches easy and that it is so dark. It shows dirt like it is its calling in life. I hate all the dirt on the floor. If you have kids it is a war you will never win. Let me repeat you will never win.

Other than that we love our floor. We love that we can clean it and know that it is clean. We have had the kids throw up on it and it just wipes clean. Have you ever had to clean up throw up on carpet? That would be the worst!


Flooring part 1

When we were under contract for our new home. Sorry let me correct that. When we were under contract for our fixer-upper. We really had no idea how much work it would really be. The carpet in our house was atrocious! We did not know how bad it really was. The appraiser could not tell either. The guy said that the carpet needed to be cleaned or replaced. Well guess what the seller wanted to do? He wanted to go the cheaper route and pay to clean the carpet. There were crazy stains in all different places!  It was hard to know where to start. we knew that the carpets were really bad. So we let the seller clean the carpet at their expense and My brother in-law and with my wife snuck in and cleaned the carpets again. So the carpets were cleaned twice! They looked so much better.

We were so excited that we were going to finally get a home of our own. The problem was that we were living with the wife parents and the house needed loads of work to be done on it. I was also working full time with a 1 hour commute. The wife was has two kids under the age of 4. What does that mean? It means that we have to do as much as we can when we can.

One of the hardest thing about buying your first home is the wait. It seems like the whole process takes years to accomplish. When in fact it is only taking a month or two.

Sorry back on topic.

Well we knew the carpets were bad and needed to be replaced with little kids and all we did not like the idea of keeping the carpet. So we had to make a decision on carpet or wood floor.  The wife wanted to re carpet the bedrooms, and put wood in the rest of the upstairs.  I didn’t agree with her and wanted wood everywhere upstairs.  She thought that wood would be nice but expensive.  She was also worried about spills in the kitchen that wouldn’t get cleaned up and the floor wouldn’t last.

Trying to decide what the best option for us was difficult, we decided to compare prices.  The wife went to many different flooring stores around town to compare prices.  Carpet was so expensive!  I knew wood flooring was expensive but I had no idea carpet was so crazy expensive!  (They told me it was because oil was so high, but now it’s not so high and it’s still expensive!).

We ended up finding a wood floor that we really liked and if we installed it ourselves it would be about the same or less than carpet!  So that is what we decided to do! The only problem was that when you buy wood flooring it has to “cure”. What does that mean? It means that all the wood has to be in the same environment of where you are going to install it or it will shrink or grow and cause problems in the future.  They say it needs to be in the home 5 days before you start to install. 5 days!!! That is so long. I needed out! The in-laws are nice and all but I need some me space and I needed it now.

So 5 days before our close date we decided to take a big risk and buy the wood and put it all in one of the closets of the home. This is a big no no because you do not own the home and if something happens to it you are up a creek without a paddle. However, we decided it was worth the risk.

I have got to go and will finish tomorrow.



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